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Founded two hundred years ago by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany, Homeopathy is now the second largest medicine system used in the world as claimed by the World Health Organization. It is a nature-based medicine that works for hand in hand with the immune system of the body and triggered the self-healing mechanism of the body. Homeopathy is a better alternative and has become the first preference of families and doctors.

Homeopathy is also known as the holistic medicine as it deals with the human being as a whole. It takes into consideration the physical, mental, emotional and social condition of the victim while the treatment takes place. It helps in boosting the immune system of the body, protecting it from the conditions and assisting the individual in living a healthy life.

“ The main ingredients of homeopathic medicine at HAPDOC are flora, fauna and some minerals diluted in an appropriate solvent. Completely natural, these medicines are experimentally active and curative .”

Why Homeopathy is best ?

Homeopathy is considered to generate some source of energy that can be utilized by the body to increase its immunity towards the health deteriorating symptoms.

Unlike the conventional medicines that suppress the symptoms of a disease, HAPDCO homeopathic medication, on the other hand, aims to cure the symptoms and the cause of diseases by invoking the natural healing abilities of the body. It also helps in gradually restoring the health of the body.


Homeopathy is a better alternative and is very easy to administer, and even parents can provide these medicines to their kids. They are not toxic and don’t have any side effects. You can also take them along with the conventional drugs, and both of them don’t interfere with each other. People can consume homeopathic medicine for a minor illness like mild fever and allergies. They start working promptly and can help you get better in no time.

Homeopathy is a better alternative, and it works. Although this debate never stops, homeopathy can be helpful. One benefit of homeopathy is that there is no age bar for its consumptions. Infants, children, adult and pets alike can administer it without any fear. Homeopathy is completely safe. On the other hand, the modern chemical-based medicines are toxic and if taken explicitly may be harmful to your body. Moreover, these types of drugs have classifications according to age, group, and sex.

Homeopathy is for Everyone

Homeopathy is inexpensive. It is impossible to deny the fact that a significant portion of the population, in any nation is unable to afford the essential amenities of life, and if in this situation, the health of the person deteriorates, he won’t be able to cope with it appropriately. Homeopathy is a valid alternative that can help solve this situation. Readily available at affordable rates, homeopathy can turn into a lifesaver.

Homeopathy is supported by many famous personalities too. Many people can afford medicines of the modern world, but they chose to stick with the traditional homeopathic medication. For example, the British Royal Family, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John D. Rockefeller, several Catholic Popes, Dizzy Gillespie, Daniel Webster, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, many American presidents including Bill Clinton. Even The Beatles chose the path of homeopathy.

Homeopathy works. You may find people who consider homeopathy as a product of pure imagination, but it works. Homeopathy is a better alternative to treat minor illnesses and chronic diseases that may end up taking your lives. If administered properly, it starts working in hours and may cure you of minor illness. However, it might take weeks or even months, to treat some chronic diseases.

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