Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide to treat both acute and chronic conditions. It is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’.

Homeopathic cures utilize materials derived from plants, animals and minerals, which are made by frequently diluting the substances. Some portion of the dilution includes an extraordinary shaking technique called “succession” and medications which prepared using this method are called “potentised” medicines. 

Homeopathic medications are prepared to focused towards expanding the inherent invulnerability of the body. Unlike other allopathic prescriptions, these Homeopathic medicines or dilutions have no reactions. Hence, you can easily take homeopathic and allopathic solutions at the same time. However, ensure that homeopath knows about the medicines that you are taking, before you undergo a treatment recommended by him or her.

Yes. Homeopathic medicines from HAPDCO do not cause any reactions that can hurt the body. Thus, they are conveniently safe even when you are consuming them for a long time. Indeed, there many parents who prefer taking their babies to a homeopath for any kind of ailments.

People of any age group can take homeopathy medicines. Homeopathic medicine for children under the age of two, proficient direction is required before each prescription.

The activity of a homeopathic solution is reliant on different components like affect-ability of the sick person, the nature of the sickness, the pathology of the ailment and other treatment measures taken before consultation with homeopathy. 

Homeopathic during pregnancy is unobjectionable for the mother and the child. It challenges any probable disorders during the pregnancy and the delivery, and additionally works to prevent the infant from any affliction, without causing adverse reactions to the body.

Most HAPDCO homeopathic medicines are accessible over-the-counter and can be acquired from natural nourishment stores, homeopathic drug stores or online stores.