Homeopathy: A Virtuous saviour

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Homeopathyis a 200-year-old natural medical science that is used by people worldwide to treat minor and chronic diseases. You can understand the popularity of homeopathy by the fact that it is the second largest therapeutic system according to the World Health Organization. First discovered by Samuel Hahnemann (Germany), homeopathic medicines are specially prepared, highly diluted substances that treat the patients by invoking their healing ability.

Based on the principle of “like treats like,” that states that if you take these medicines in small doses, you can treat those diseases which shows symptoms when you consume an excess of these substances into the body. Homeopathy doctors first evaluate a patient and recognize their signs. Then they match it with a remedy which depends on the intensity and frequency of the disease and the working mechanism of the body of the patient. A patient’s lifestyle, habits, and background dramatically influence the type of medication he will receive. The emotional state of the patient also plays an essential factor while prescribing the correct medicine.

Homeopathy is equally prevalent in Asian countries especially India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In India, over 100 million people depend on homeopathy and even the father of the nation; Mahatma Gandhi supported homeopathy whole-heartedly

You might wonder, what is the reason behind growing demand of homeopathy? What gives homeopathy an edge on other modern medical practices? Alternatively, why you should go for homeopathic medicines which dangle on the probability of providing you with quick and efficient treatment? You might wonder if the homeopathic medication work or not? It has been a burning topic of debate in recent times, and no settlement has incurred. However, people from all over the world believe in it and consume it regularly. What promotes homeopathy? Here are the answers to all your doubts and queries. Hippocrates (Ancient Greece), also considered as ‘The Father of Medicine’ believed that Homeopathy treats the patient with medicines using the Law of Similar while other orthodox medications follow the Law of Opposites. An example can explain the law of similars. Suppose, a substance X causes dizziness when taken in large amounts. The same substance X may help you treat dizziness if you consider that in a small quantity. Homeopathic medicines rely on the Laws of nature, which do not change with time, unlike the modern medical practices, which undergo frequent changes.

Homeopathy has its base on evidence, and that accounts for the growth of homeopathy. Homeopathy in the past has shown fantastic healing properties, and that is the reason why people have faith in it. Homeopathy is considered both an art and science. It depends on the scientific methods of treatment, unlike the conventional ones.

HAPDCO Homeopathy medicines stimulate the body to increase the curative powers that can treat the body itself. The substance acts as a catalyst to invoke the healing actions of the body. It is supposed to transmit a type of energy that starts the healing mechanisms of the body. It assists the body in healing itself and increases the health levels of the human body. The long-term effects of homeopathy on the body, its ability to eradicate disease and prevention of other diseases determine its success.

Homeopathic medicines in HAPDCO are considerably cheaper than the pharmaceutical medication and hence is accessible to larger groups of people. It is an affordable approach to healing and is readily available. Over 4000 drugs can be created using homeopathic techniques, and none of them is supposed to have toxic side effects on the body. Even if someone administered an incorrect homeopathic drug, it is entirely safe and will cause no harm to the body.

In the nineteenth century, homeopaths treated diseases like cholera and typhoid with homeopathic medicines at a higher success rate than conventional medication. Homeopathy can also be used to treat allergies and asthma by giving small doses of substances that cause the allergies. HAPDCO Homeopathic drugs can help reduce anxiety and depression. It helps in controlling critical pain and save you from going into other expensive and traditional methods.

What is worth noting is that there is no age bar for the consumption of homeopathic medicines. Pregnant and nursing women can consume it, and so can infants and old people alike. Moreover, it doesn’t interfere with the existing medications that the patient is undergoing.

All these facts support the fact that homeopathy is a nearly perfect way to cure diseases and maybe shortly, the population of people using it may increase exponentially.

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