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We, the Hahnemann Pure Drug Co., set up for three decades now, are one of the finest producers and suppliers of Homeopathy Medicine. With a high achievement rate in curing disease through our reassuring methods of homeopathic treatment, HAPDCO is expanding very quickly to be perceived among the best homeopathic manufacturer and an e-commerce marketplace company selling valuable medicinal products.

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What Is Homeopathy?

hapdco_image Homeopathy is a natural medicine which is specifically prepared using highly dilute substances (generally given in small tablet form) with the purpose of encouraging the body's self healing systems.

How are homeopathic cures made?

Homeopathic cures utilize materials derived from plants, animals and minerals, which are made by frequently diluting the substances. Some portion of the dilution includes an extraordinary shaking technique called "succession" and medications which prepared using this method are called "potentised" medicines.

Is homeopathy safe?

Yes. Homeopathic medicines from HAPDCO do not cause any reactions that can hurt the body. Thus, they are conveniently safe even when you are consuming them for a long time. Indeed, there many parents who prefer taking their babies to a homeopath for any kind of ailments.

Homeopathy has specific diets. Is it necessary?

Certain food products with strong tastes and smells, like onion and garlic, and stimulants like espresso are advised to be avoided for 15-30 minutes before and after taking a dose of homeopathic medicines because these substances leave a solid scent/taste in the mouth. You need to keep the drug on the tongue so that it interacts with the nerves. That is the reason behind why it is advised to not eat anything 15 minutes before and after taking the dose.

Who Can Take It?

People of any age group can take homeopathy medicines. Homeopathic medicine for children under the age of two, proficient direction is required before each prescription.

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